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Blephamask + Free Cooling Gel Mask

Blephamask + Free Cooling Gel Mask

Blephamask + Free Cooling Gel Mask
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Innovative Organic Mask for Blepharitis

Re-usable heated eye mask. The most effective treatment for Meibomian Gland dysfunction implicated in blepharitis, chalazions, crusting, cysts and dry eye syndrome. The Mask can be used twice a day at the start of treatment. When your symptoms have been relieved, you can use it less frequently. Your ophthalmologist/Optometrist may assess the severity of your symptoms and advise you whether to use your mask more often. The mask box contains a red temperature testing strip which you can use to ensure your mask is at the correct temperature. Please note the Blepha Mask requires the use of a microwave oven.

For Use in a Microwave

Blepharitis Breakthrough Treatment

Mask design is shaped to follow the contour of the face

The Mask Can Be Used At Least 300 Times - This is 50% more uses than other products available.

Thermosensitive Strip Included - DO NOT throw away the packaging as this is on the box

Made of Organic Cotton And Grape Seeds

Safety Information:

Do Not Use Blepha Mask
With contact lenses;
If the skin around your eyes is damaged;
If you have known hypersensitive to grapes or any other constituent of the mask
If the mask is torn and the grape seeds are leaking from the mask;
If the mask is wet.


Blepharitis, Dry Eye Syndrome, Chalazions, Crusting and Cysts


To Heat your BlephaMask, place your mask in a microwave oven and heat for 40 seconds at high power. Remove mask from the microwave and test the temperature, if using the temperature tester, on the testing strip or on the inside of your wrist. Leave in place for 30 seconds then remove mask and read the strip. If it is at the correct temperature, place mask on your closed eyes for 7-10 minutes, then remove mask and massage your eyelids as explained on the leaflet that comes with the product.

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Plus a Free Cooling Gel Mask with every order.

MyEyes | Eye health / Dry Eye | For Lid Hygiene |  Blephamask

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