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General Help - what to look out for!

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Mask Help

Mask Help Hopefully here you will find some important information that will help you to get the Diving Mask you need, whether its for a once in a lifetime holiday, the start of a new pastime or to enhance your diving expertise.

We are here to help you every step of the way. We have included help files, instructions downloads, Power Calculators and we'll also answer you questions on our Help-Line

Call 020 7833 8114 Lines open 10-5.30 weekdays only.

What to consider?

What to consider? Here are a few useful things to consider. We will come to prescription last.

1. How deep do you need.

Most holiday diving will be upto a depth of 5 metres. All of the masks will work to this sort of depth and remain comfortable and leaf-free. Some like the Tusa models are safe to 100 metres.

2. The snorkel

you use is important for your comfort and safety. Although most snorkels can be used with most masks, we think the Snorkel and Mask packs are a great way to purchase the perfect combinations. Snorkelling means that you are working at or near the surface and chosing purge control is useful in choppy waters. The Tusa Platina II Hyperdry has a superior purge mechanism and repels moisture.

3. Caring for your mask.

All masks need little maintenance. Rinsing thoroughly in tapwater and shaking dry is usually all that's needed. This removes fine sand, and alt which can damage the silicone face skirt. Use a microfibre cloth, such as the Pentax Cloth is you wish to remove grease or suncream from the frame or the lenses. Store it safely in its case. All our masks come with an appropriate Hard plastic case.

Further details are available from our help-sheet ....Care instruction leaflet

Which power?

Which power? This is not as difficult as you might at first think. We have tried to help as much as we can and you can always upload a copy of your prescription below and choose the " - " at the top of the power choices and we will sort out the most appropriate power.

You may upload a copy of your Prescription here

If you'd rather, you can use our Excel Sheet. You input the powers as they appear on your prescription, but REMEMBER, by prescription, we mean your spectacle prescription. The distances involved with goggles and masks are similar to your glasses. Contact lens prescriptions allow for the fact that lenses rest against the eyes and may be higher or lower in value depending on whether you are long or short-sighted.

We always recommend an eye examination if your prescription is over 2 years old. Your eye health is most important to us and should be to you too. It maybe that a more frequent eye examiantion is suggested by your optician.

MyEyes | Diving Masks | Help |  General Help - what to look out for!

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