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Sjogren's Syndrome

Here is some professional advice for patient's with Sjogren's Dry Eye or for severe Non-Sjogren's Dry Eye.

Very gritty eyes and blurry vision are some of the symptoms of severe dry eyes, but often eyes are sensitive to some of the ingredients in the products available to help. So which ones are most likely to be successful and comfortable.

Preservative Free - we think this is essential - TRY Thealoz or Hycosan Plus

We like single use, but they can be expensive. They are very convenient though. Clinitas Soothe is good.

In the morning

Morning dryness can be significant and starting the day right is so important.

A good Gel / Ointment is best at night. Try Vita POS of Thealoz. Vita POS contains Vitamin A to help protect and re-juvenate dry eyes. Preservative Free OF COURSE

Which products and how often?

Two key questions and no simple answer.

I always feel that with severe dry eyes avoiding symptoms is very important. I feel that one should use drops even when symptoms are evident. When some healing is required and if there is no Glaucoma or if eye pressure is normal, Hycosan Plus works very well, but don't use it repeatedly. Thealoz is a fantastic product that is suitable for all situations. Use the eye drops 2-4 times a day

Nutrition and eyes.

We are what we eat and Good nutrition helps eyes and dry eyes. Theratears Nutrition was developed for helping dry eyes. If you eat a healthy diet and have normal intestinal absorption, dietary supplements are likely to have little effect,

Reduce processed foods eaten

Cod Liver Oil or Oily fish

The British Sjogren's Syndrome Association

Andrew Keech and myeyes opticians are proud to be members of the British Sjogren's Syndrome Association. We have made a commitment to help those with severe dry eyes.

More details from British Sjogren's Syndrome Association

MyEyes | Eye health / Dry Eye |  Help and Recommendations

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