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Preservative free dry eye treatment from Thea

As natural as tears… The best of both worlds: Sodium Hyaluronate and Preservative-free.

Hyabak® multi-dose eye drops contain 0.15% sodium hyaluronate for long lasting relief from eye discomfort and dry feeling eyes. Sodium hyaluronate offers optimal water retention because it acts like a sponge, retaining water and releasing it progressively. These ‘intelligent’ drops flow when you blink and retain a clear surface when your eye is still.

All the Sodium Hyaluronate properties in the ABAK® bottle, drop for drop it’s economical and gives the patient up to 2 months treatment in a bottle little larger than a single dose unit.

10ml size bottle, and get 50% extra free - while stocks last.

A moisturising and lubricating solution for eyes, suitable for use with contact lenses.

Contains 0,15% sodium hyaluronate and is preservative-free thanks to its patented ABAK multidose dispenser.

Product Features

Retains water and releases it progressively (Optimal water retention)

Viscosity increases with eyelid opening and decreases with eyelid closing (Viscoelasticity and pseudoplasticity)

Increases time of contact with the ocular surface (Mucoadhesivity)

Naturally present in tissues (Highly Tolerated)

In stock

10ml bottle + 5ml bottle free while stocks last

MyEyes | Eye health / Dry Eye | For Dry Eye |  Hyabak

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