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Tranquileyes Instants

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Scope HealthcareCost effective eye care. Long use by dates and special dropper bottles that minimise waste and many which are preservative free for gentle effect.

Tranquileyes Instants

Tranquileyes Instants

Tranquileyes Instants
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New Product from Scope Ophthalmics

Tranquileyes Instants (Travelling) is a reusable eye goggle with gel pack technology that contains sodium acetate and a stainless steel disc. Intstants generates 15-25 mins of heat to provide a soothing moist heat compress, which relieves the symptoms of dry eye. Re-usable up to 100 times.

We like this product alot. See also Tranquileyes Beads and Tranquileyes Advanced.


The Instants contain sodium acetate and a stainless steel disc. When the stainless steel disc is bent back and forth, it creates a sound or frequency, which changes the molecular structure of the sodium acetate from liquid to crystal. This process generates heat.

Water and heat loosen the meibum, increase relative humidity, stabilishing the tear film, while hydratng sensitive skin.

Temperature controlled

Does not require a microwave so ideal for travelling.

Offers 15-25 minutes of moist heat ranging from 37 - 42 deg C.

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How Moist Heat Therapy works.

The sucess of the dry eye relief with Tranquileyes comes from blending four key elements to deliver a true rejuvenating experience you will only find with the Tranquileyes products.

Relative Humidity/Moisture

By adding warm water to our therapies, Tranquileyes increases relative humidity to 89-94% to stabilise the tear film and deeply hydrate eyelid skin, promoting circulation and healing while leaving the eyes and skin hydrated.

Heat Intensity

Both Instants and Beads therapies offer heat conducting technology that produces temperatures of 37-43 deg C to loosen oils in the Meibomium glands.

Heat Duration

Conventional products and remedies for dry eye only offer a few minutes of heat/moist heat. Tranquileyes products offer 15-25 minutes of moist heat which allows for improved patient comfort, regardless of MGD severity.


The Instants and Beads kits offer maximum coverage for your eyes and surrounding tissues. This extended coverage not ony replemishes moisture to your eyes, but also to the skin around your eyes, keeping your skin looking young and vibrant.

MyEyes | Eye health / Dry Eye | For Dry Eye |  Tranquileyes Instants

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