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Unidive Unique

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Unidive Unique
Unidive Unique
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The Unidive Unique Diving Mask is a very high quality mask. Manufactured by one of the world leaders in the diving industry, this mask is excellent for both diving and snorkelling. This version is available in an amazing range of powers.

Frame Material: Polycarbonate
Skirt Material: Clear Silicone
Glass Type: Tempered
Prescription power is bonded onto plane lens and because of the nature of high powered lenses, will reuce the visual aperture of the mask to the size appropriate for the prescription required.

Usually dispatched within 14 days
Prescription Minus: Upto maximum -10.00 Sphere with +3.00 Cyls
Prescription Plus: Upto maximum +8.00 Sphere with -3.00 Cyls

MyEyes | Diving Masks | For Adults |  Unidive Unique

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